Discovering ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management - Ep.4
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Discovering ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management - Ep.4

Discovering ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management - Ep.4

Manage Portfolio budgets with ServiceNow's PPM to get real-time visibility into your Portfolio's financial performance

Delivering projects on time and budget is essential for successful Project Portfolio Management. The Financial Management module, a feature of ServiceNow's PPM solution, allows project and demand managers to forecast and plan budgets effectively. It provides them the ability to showcase the bigger financial picture of your projects and understand if a project is truly on budget. Efficiently allocate resources considering the role, resource rates, budgeted hours, and costs, while factoring in changes over time. Tracking financials versus actuals helps make better project decisions.

The 4th episode in our 5-part webinar series explores how you can leverage ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management capabilities to manage Portfolio Budget within set targets and gain real-time visibility into planned, actual, and estimated costs.

The first three episodes talked about Innovation ManagementDemand Management, and Project Management. We recommend you watch the first three episodes to set a context for this webinar.

In this webinar, our Project Portfolio Management Specialist, Gautam Krishna, covers the following:

  • Defining a Portfolio to track budgets
  • Leveraging ServiceNow PPM to control the Portfolio
  • Using the ServiceNow Portfolio Workbench
  • Tracking actual expenses and forecasting to meet Portfolio targets
  • Utilizing the Investment portal to gain insight into Projects and Programs

Highlights of this episode:

  1. 05:16 - Understanding a Portfolio and its business value
  2. 09:30 - Understanding ServiceNow's solution for Portfolio Management
  3. 14:18 - Gathering and visualizing data for your Portfolio 
  4. 18:28 - Planning a Portfolio for evolving and matured PMO's (Project Management Office)
  5. 25:01 - Understanding Portfolio Planning for evolving and matured PMO's in ServiceNow
  6. 27:57 - Understanding the various ServiceNow fiscal calendars to pick the right one that suits your organization
  7. 30:43 - Utilizing fiscal calendars across Project Portfolio Management
  8. 31:18 - Setting up and leveraging the Portfolio Workbench
  9. 34:10 - Understanding the stages of setting up the Portfolio Workbench for future planning
  10. 35:22 - Exploring features of the Portfolio Workbench
  11. 37:51 - Leveraging Budget Period and Forecast Period for project administration
  12. 40:35 - Tracking your Portfolio using Portfolio Workbench 
  13. 43:27 - Exploring the Investment portal in ServiceNow
  14. 44:54 - Understanding the difference between the Investment portal and Portfolio Workbench
  15. 48:05 - Exploring the built-in reports and dashboards for seamless Portfolio Management
  16. 49:20 - Summary of the key features of ServiceNow Portfolio Management
  17. 53:17 - Answers from our PPM experts for the below questions:
    • Can we import our existing project data into ServiceNow?
    • Is the Portfolio Workbench similar to dashboards?
    • What is the first step in leveraging ServiceNow Project Management?


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Gautam Krishna

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