How ServiceNow Helps You Engage Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials are loosely defined as people born between 1982 and 2004. They are now the largest contributors in the American workforce, causing the workplace to change in unprecedented ways. These changes are coming rapidly, and a Gallup study from February 2017 pointed out 3 key truths:

  • Organizations must reconsider how they manage workforce
  • Employees are pushing companies to break down structures
  • Organizations are not giving employees a reason to stay

The way to address this is to find ways to improve employee engagement and satisfaction for millennials. More than any other generation, they are more apt to change jobs quickly in search of the perfect work environment.

This topic has emerged as a leading conversation in most Talent Management and Human Resources circles.

So, what helps millennials feel engaged? And how can ServiceNow help with that? 

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