INRY’s Platform Assessment & Strategic Guidance Optimizes HR Service Delivery for Technology-Driven Risk Management Firm
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INRY’s Platform Assessment & Strategic Guidance Optimizes HR Service Delivery for Technology-Driven Risk Management Firm

INRY’s Platform Assessment & Strategic Guidance Optimizes HR Service Delivery for Technology-Driven Risk Management Firm

INRY conducted a comprehensive assessment of the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery application, identifying six critical factors impacting the global rollout, including lack of standardization, scalability issues, and incomplete user enablement.


Comprehensive Assessment

INRY conducted extensive workshops and technical assessments to comprehensively understand the customer's challenges, identify pain points, and highlight process and technology gaps, laying the foundation for increased productivity

Strategic Recommendations

Based on meticulous analysis, INRY crafted detailed recommendations for improvement, addressing inconsistencies and inefficiencies and providing a roadmap for optimizing HR service delivery over time, setting the stage for continued excellence

Tailored Solutions for Global Expansion

INRY's assessment revealed critical barriers to global HR service delivery, paving the way for targeted recommendations to streamline processes and enhance scalability across diverse regions

User-Centric Approach

INRY advocated for a user-centric modernization approach by recommending the migration to modern interfaces such as the Agent Workspace and Employee Center portals. This strategic shift aimed to enhance the employee and agent experience, fostering efficient resolution and improving accessibility to HR services for employees

The esteemed customer is renowned for providing claims and productivity management services across various industries. With a workforce of over 31,000 professionals spanning 80 countries, their expertise is instrumental in addressing complex business challenges and ensuring effective risk management, contributing significantly to their industry leadership. 

The customer encountered several key challenges with their current ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) implementation; for instance, gaps in the HR Case intake form design and application access rules resulted in a disjointed and unfulfilling experience for employees. Additional issues, such as colleagues submitting incorrect HR cases and the inability to track performance metrics- Case deflection percentage and Service Level Agreements, to name a few, hindered the scalability of the application. 

Furthermore, the existing implementation of the HRSD application proved incompatible with a global rollout, thereby further increasing challenges for extending HR services to multiple regions. Acknowledging the urgent need for resolving scalability issues within the HRSD application, the customer sought assistance from INRY, a distinguished ServiceNow Elite Partner. INRY's renowned expertise in identifying process intricacies and bridging technological gaps between system and user requirements positioned us as the ideal partner to address the customer's challenges.

INRY's approach 

The ServiceNow platform assessment commenced with two comprehensive workshops designed to understand the customer's business objectives, pain points, and existing technology gaps. The INRY project team then devised multiple strategies to address the identified issues. Simultaneously, an in-depth technical assessment of the ServiceNow HRSD application was conducted by comparing the in-use and custom configurations with native HRSD application features (out-of-the-box) and best practices for configuring the HRSD application. 

Throughout a four-week evaluation, INRY identified 6 factors impacting the customer's global rollout of the implementation: 

  • Lack of standardization in HR services caused hurdles with HR service delivery and globalization. 
  • Inconsistent HRSD application configuration and inadequate user enablement caused issues in data accuracy, affecting reporting. 
  • Additional Organizational Change Management (OCM) was deemed necessary to alter incorrect application usage behaviors. 
  • The current configuration was proven unable to scale to meet a global employee base. 
  • Ensuring the foundational setup of the HRSD application is crucial for ensuring data consistency for data ingested from external systems. 
  • Administrators' incomplete comprehension of existing application functionality and capacity for self-service is currently being fulfilled through customization for minor gains at the expense of technical debt. 

Recommendations for Improvement  

Post the assessment INRY offered prioritized recommendations by concentrating on three pivotal areas: 

  1. Standardization and Consistency: 
  • Implementing a standardized service model across departments to ensure consistent delivery and customer satisfaction. 
  • Streamlining processes by minimizing customizations. 
  • Enhancing reporting accuracy through standardized data collection and regular audits. 
  • Aligning service delivery with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for consistent performance and continual improvement. 
  1. User Experience Enhancement: 
  • Migrating the Customer Resolution (CR) team to the modern and user-friendly Agent Workspace interface for efficient case resolution. 
  • Providing a centralized hub for accessing IT services and resources by migrating employees to the Employee Center portal. 
  • Supporting the Customer Resolution (CR) team with INRY’s Cloud Cover service which provides platform support to address usability issues and enhance user experience. 
  1. Continuous Improvement: 
  • Introducing Virtual Agent capabilities to automate routine requests and deliver instant assistance, improving response time and efficiency. 
  • Optimizing the ServiceNow platform for mobile accessibility, allowing on-the-go access to HR services. 
  • Empowering managers with increased visibility of their teams through the Manager Hub portal, facilitating more excellent team bonding. 
  • Leveraging Performance Analytics to gain insights into service performance and identify areas for improvement, enabling data-driven optimization. 

By rectifying inconsistencies and inefficiencies, INRY paved the way for optimizing the current ServiceNow HRSD implementation. Through detailed analysis and strategic recommendations, INRY enabled the customer to overcome their HRSD challenges and progress toward cultivating an engaged global employee base.
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