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Scoular modernized their IT Services Management in just 2 weeks Scoular modernized their IT Services Management in just 2 weeks
IT Transformation Success Story

Scoular modernized their IT Services Management in just 2 weeks

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ServiceNow® IT Service Management

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ServiceNow’s single system of action helped the client to completely modernize their internal IT services and led to improved efficiency
Go-live in just 2 weeks with INRY’s Essentials implementation, and enablement and adoption services helped the client to fully leverage ServiceNow
Training identified power users ensured that Scoular employees were quickly trained and were able to fully leverage ServiceNow very quickly
Single sign-on with ServiceNow ensures employees can still access other internal legacy applications without having to log in multiple times

Scoular, a large US agricultural services company, used various unstructured tools to manage their IT service management. Employees often had to log in to multiple applications for simple IT requests affecting employee experience and productivity.

With a focus on enablement and adoption, INRY implemented ServiceNow ITSM and helped the client to modernize their incident and change management processes. INRY configured a single sign-on system and IT Service Management out-of-the-box to enable the client to unlock value within just 2 weeks.

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