Our favorite features from the ServiceNow Orlando release so far
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Our favorite features from the ServiceNow Orlando release so far

Our favorite features from the ServiceNow Orlando release so far

ServiceNow’s latest induction into its family is the Orlando release. Like every other ServiceNow release, Orlando focuses on introducing new functionalities and enhancements in its various product areas to ensure customers continue to derive maximum value out of them.

At INRY, to continue delivering customer success requires us to be updated on all fronts, including how we run our business. For the past three years of using ServiceNow to manage our business operations, we have been the early adopters of ServiceNow releases. In the past, we have been on Madrid and New York within a day too! Orlando was no different. We upgraded to Orlando within one day.

What’s with upgrading oneself so swiftly you may ponder? A short answer – to utilize new product features for ourselves and to test and recommend said features to our customers, so that they can derive benefits from them. We are excited with Orlando as we are planning to further transform ourselves into a mobile-centric business with the Now Mobile app.

IT Business Management

IT Business Management product features will help us to maximize resource efficiency using the Smart Even Load from Resource Management. This cool feature ensures that your resources are allocated for all their available hours of the resource plan. Resource availability shows negative values, so Project Managers are aware of the extent of over-allocation for resources. ServiceNow has added a feature “View RIDAC” on Project that allows the project team to link issues, risks, decisions, action, and change to build traceability.

Customer Service Management

So, what’s new on the CSM platter? The integration of ServiceNow CSM and Project Management! The newest release from ServiceNow gives users next-level visibility into their projects and tasks from the Customer Service Portal which will not only help your customers to stay current on what’s happening in the project but also enable them to assign and create stories from their end. Your project managers can now create and manage their projects while your end customers can view projects and tasks for their accounts.

Previously, INRY had built this integration to enable our clients to spend less time on back and forth communication, produce even better deliverables and outcomes and drastically improve results. Now, this is an out-of-the-box feature in the Orlando upgrade.

Another interesting feature in the Orlando upgrade is the external user approval for change and request records. This feature allows customers to approve change and request records from the Customer Service Portal.

Enterprise HR automation

In the HR space, auto determining the HR service for a case is a new enhancement that will enable your HR team to transfer cases to the appropriate HR service. Rather than spending significant time manually triaging cases to appropriate HR services, your HR team can now focus on quicker case resolution as the cases are now transferred to the appropriate bucket.

The Now Mobile app for HR Service Delivery and Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions allows you to manage your HR functions seamlessly. Powered by the Now Platform, Now Mobile is a contemporary mobile app that’s empowered with features to add simplicity and efficiency to your work life.

Over time with every upgrade of ServiceNow, ATF has been enhanced to provide test steps for all the features. ServiceNow’s Orlando ATF upgrade helps tackle the most grueling manual workflows tests scenario with the help of new features such as Lists and Related Lists testing and email testing.

Have questions about upgrading to Orlando?

INRY is an Elite level ServiceNow partner creating EASE (Efficient, Agile, Secure Experiences) for our clients. Let our consultants help you get a quick risk assessment of upgrade, plan your upgrade strategy, and provide a fixed fee estimate for an upgrade. Feel free to contact us today!

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