INRY's inclusion in Inc. 5000 for the 4th time is no coincidence
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INRY's inclusion in Inc. 5000 for the 4th time is no coincidence

INRY's inclusion in Inc. 5000 for the 4th time is no coincidence

Innovating for industries on the Now Platform®

INRY’s been growing steadily since its inception in 2011. We’ve been featured again on the Inc. 5000 list, an annual ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. This year, we pause to celebrate our fourth inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list, and then we carry on to the next innovation.

At the start of the pandemic in March, the road ahead looked very different. Our clients were at a crossroads – responding to a public health and humanitarian crisis; while balancing their organizations' operational needs. As a firm, we set ourselves up to work from anywhere and took advantage of our circumstances to build solutions that benefit our clients.

Building speed into the small business loan management process

At the beginning of the pandemic, the US government passed the CARES Act to provide an economic stimulus that benefited thousands of small businesses and individuals. Banks had a small window to process the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and loan forgiveness applications. When we spoke with Bridgewater Bank, located in Bloomington, MN, they told us they were concerned: they needed to receive and process an overwhelming number of applications in an extremely short timeframe.

Within one week, INRY, in collaboration with ServiceNow, built the Small Business Loan Management app. This digital workflow solution reduces bank overhead and small business distress during the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering transparent, compliant, and efficient lending experiences. Using this app, Bridgewater Bank, processed 1000 PPP loans in two months, reduced 48 percent workload per case file, and saved three hours per day due to automation.

A roadmap to return employees to a safe workplace

Reopening the office amid COVID-19 restrictions is stressful for many organizations as they navigate strict guidelines and regulations. INRY's Return to Workplace bundle enables organizational readiness to welcome employees back into the office. This solution combines ServiceNow's Safe Workplace and Emergency Management apps with INRY's Workforce HR Requests app.

Apart from helping organizations move forward with confidence in the new normal, some of our solution's top outcomes include:

  • Ensuring workplace readiness for helping the workforce adjust to a contact-free workplace
  • Delivering essential communication and services during and beyond the crisis
  • Driving work efficiency by creating a safe workplace that complies with health regulations
  • Bringing efficiency and simplicity to identity and access governance

The new era is forcing leaders to confront challenges that need immediate attention, and digital transformation has moved up in the priority list. As thousands of employees globally were migrated to working remotely or transitioned into other jobs, managing who had access to which applications became a fundamental challenge. Twitter showed the world that most cyber fraud and information security challenges arise from improper access management.

INRY launched the Identity and Access Governance app for organizations to bring all their identity needs onto a single platform. By allowing the right people, the right access, to the right resources, at the right time, our solution helps remove risks stemming from excessive access permissions. Wynn Resorts mobilized 15,000 people within one month during the pandemic by using our solution to manage the access request lifecycle and automate provisioning based on birthrights.

Innovating for the industries on the Now Platform®

INRY is building digital workflow solutions tailored to the retail, healthcare, insurance, banking, telecom, and manufacturing industries. These industry solutions are a powerful package of ServiceNow platform capabilities and INRY Apps using digital workflows built on Now - created to meet the unique needs of specific industries and aid in accelerating their digital transformation.

Employee experience gets the "must-have" tag

Today, a vast portion of the workforce is working remotely. The new way of work makes employee experience (EX) a top focus area. We saw that our clients needed a holistic suite of solutions. INRY's Employee Experience Lifecycle solutions bring together our innovative solutions built on the Now Platform and ServiceNow's native HR Service Delivery solutions.

Our solutions for the EX lifecycle align with these five stages:


The crisis helped us realize our strength, so we turned every challenge into an opportunity for building new solutions that solve problems for our clients and the community. It's the beginning of a new era for INRY, so let us know if anything interests you, and together we can explore the art of the possible.

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