INRY made it to the Inc. 5000 list, yet again!
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INRY made it to the Inc. 5000 list, yet again!

INRY made it to the Inc. 5000 list, yet again!

Recognized 5x in recent years by Inc. 5000, INRY sees strong market validation

2021 saw INRY reach a 10-year milestone in delivery services excellence, and it has certainly been a year to remember so far. In the last year and a half, the INRY team has found cause for optimism despite the pandemic challenges. It would certainly not have been possible without all our wonderful INRYians.

According to a McKinsey survey of more than 200 organizations, 90% of the C-Suite expects the fallout from the pandemic to fundamentally change how they do business over the next five years. 85% of these executives assert that the crisis will have a lasting impact on their customer's needs. However, more than 75% of them agree that the crisis will create new growth opportunities which will vary significantly by industry.

As an Elite ServiceNow partner, INRY continues to identify growth opportunities by closely collaborating with clients – in fact, even more so at this time of crisis. Here are some incredible stories of how our clients are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives with INRY and ServiceNow. These stories have helped fuel INRY’s growth, and made this 5th inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list possible.

Formulating a Great Service Experience for Physician Onboarding

While many industries are facing unprecedented disruption, healthcare is uniquely affected given the nature of the pandemic. Hospitals are providing care for COVID-19 patients with evolving protocols often against the backdrop of the workforce shortages and surging demands.

INRY customer SCL Health tackled its talent shortage challenges by leveraging the ServiceNow platform to bring new talent into the workforce with greater speed, safety, and efficiency. While it can take more than 90 days to onboard a physician, the experience is far from smooth. INRY helped redesign the onboarding process to deliver a consumer-like physician experience that speeds the onboarding process while reducing costs and getting clinicians in front of patients more quickly.

Helping University of Kentucky Healthcare give Practitioners time back for their Patients

Healthcare organizations are increasingly reliant on their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems for patient care. Clinicians and advanced care practitioners play a critical role in capturing EMS incidents and providing feedback. Given their focus on patient care, expecting these EMR users to disengage from patients to log a software defect is often unrealistic, resulting in subpar system performance and millions in additional EMR TCO.  For the University of Kentucky Healthcare (UKHC), INRY approached the Epic EMR integration challenge not as a monolithic project but as an opportunity to realize quick wins and then build incrementally upon the project's success.  INRY delivered an EMR help button that automated the capture of software issues – including the workstation ID, screen shot of the error, and other details needed by developers to reproduce and resolve the bug.  As a result, UKH has seen a dramatic reduction in problem resolution times, improved EMR usability, and improved levels of patient care.

Consumerizing Employee Experiences to Retain and Grow Talent for Financial Institutions

Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) face unprecedented challenges due to market conditions – including near-zero interest rates, and pandemic levels of default. In this fast pace of transformation, FSIs can maintain their competitive advantage by optimizing their talent investment. FSIs looking to retain their best talent need to enhance the experience at every touchpoint in the employment lifecycle. INRY is helping financial services organizations such as Western Union realize the full potential of their talent investments by providing better employee experience and HR Services Delivery through the ServiceNow platform.   By providing timely, responsive service to employees worldwide, Western Union is able to drive higher levels of retention, improved employee morale, and a more coherent corporate culture in the face of today’s demanding market.

Helping Banks Pivot to Address Lower Income Avoidable Mortgage Foreclosures

On April 3, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) asked Banks and Lenders to prepare for the upcoming regulatory changes and CFPB guidelines. Banks need to implement tools and processes that address the CFPB's requirements while ensuring proactive, diligent outreach to distressed borrowers. ServiceNow and INRY provide FSO CSM solutions that allow lenders to perform borrower outreach in ways that are compliant, scalable, and transparent – ensuring that borrowers have access to programs that can help them lower their home loan rates, or avoid a preventable foreclosure.

Empowering Recruitment by Design

With "the great resignation" already underway, hiring has become the topmost priority for most companies in 2021. Managing virtual recruiting and onboarding practices using costly legacy tools and siloed processes while dealing with a high number of applicants is tedious for HR teams, and hinders the process of filling critical vacancies.  INRY's INTalent, a new ServiceNow talent acquisition solution, combines unmatched ServiceNow capability with decades of Talent Acquisition experience. INTalent helps organizations meet today's increasingly frantic pace of hiring activity while making it easy for recruiters to engage applicants, hiring managers, and interviewers.

Delivering Digital Experiences for Employees and Workplace Services

Organizations worldwide are considering reopening their offices. In the no-contact world of work, there is no place for legacy facility services. INRY is helping organizations create a digital, consumer-like experience for employees returning and consuming services at the office, using ServiceNow's Workplace Service Delivery solution. Employees can continue to focus on work and get access to a safe workplace with contact-free services as they transition to in-office for all or a portion of their jobs.

Achieving a Better Quote and Enroll Experience

Open Enrollment has long been a challenging experience for both Healthcare Payers and their Brokers due to costly and unreliable sales automation technology, frequent outages, escalating vendor costs, and service degradation. INRY's Health Insurance Quote and Enroll (HIQE) delivers a modern user experience and frees stakeholders to focus on new market and member growth opportunities. HIQE is a modern, scalable, and flexible platform that delivers a high performance quote and enroll experience for both payer representatives and policyholders. HIQE comes with foundational built-in Service Management capabilities from ServiceNow to provide the ultimate quote and enroll experience.

Restructuring for Growth with ServiceNow

Aon PLC, a global professional services firm, is thriving in an industry marked by heavy mergers and acquisitions. Aon's growth has been dramatic, completing 400 acquisitions in the last decade. This growth comes with massive process integration challenges; however, Aon wanted to fully realize the economies of scale that come with their size. INRY is helping Aon address these growth opportunities by leveraging ServiceNow for enabling customer-facing services across Aon's many branches and subsidiary business units. Backed by INRY's ServiceNow implementation expertise, Aon has been able to restructure their operations for accelerated growth and better alignment across branches and subsidiaries.

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